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Jazmín Giolito


Jazmín Giolito is board member of Rosario Game Devs and co-organizer of Game Audio Latam. She is a professional game developer, specialized in audio, working in sound design, music composition, and audio implementation.

Micaela Mantegna

Micaela Mantegna is a lawyer specialist in videogames and public policy, affiliated researcher at the Harvard Berkman Klein Center. It is co-founder and member of the Women in Games Argentina (WIGAr) and Ambassador of Women in Games (WIGJ).

Valeria Colombo

Valeria Colombo, board member of Women in Games Argentina, is a professional video game developer with 12 years of experience working as a programmer and manager. She also creates content as a streamer and doing podcasts about the gaming world.

Paula Sifredi

Paula Sifredi is a video game localization specialist and content creator, currently studying voice acting, dubbing, and accessibility. She’s a board member of Women in Games Argentina (WIGAr) and Women in Games Ambassador (WIGJ).

M. Clara Cattaneo Esnaola (Kurara)


Kurara is a member of the Women in Games Argentina Board of Directors. Professional videogame developer, specialized in graphic design and 2D illustration, is dedicated to the design of video game interfaces on different platforms.

Testimonials from the organizers


Being part of the Women Game Jam makes me joyful. This community of generous, empathetic and inspiring people is a safe space that provides a wonderful network of social containment. At Women Game Jam, I feel at home.


WIGAr strives to achieve more inclusion of women and dissidence by developing games, and Women Game Jam is a great entrance door for this. A friendly and safe space to join, give voice to new stories and create networks that strengthen us.


The 2019 WGJ is the reason I became active in WIGAr. It is a super safe space for women and underrepresentated genders to take their first steps in this beautiful industry of game development accompanied by professionals who have been in this for years.


The WGJ 2020 was the first one I participated in, and it made me realize that I can help in many aspects. I participated as a writer, game designer and producer, and thanks to that I’m currently involved in an ongoing project with the original team.


WGJ is a place to share my experience and help those who just start, in a very rewarding activity that transcends borders. WGJ is a hug to look to make video games a safe and beneficial space for all.



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