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Who organizes?

Ashley van Wyngaard


Ashley van Wyngaard - A Producer at Wargaming Sydney working with distributed teams to build AAA games. Ashley is driving teams to craft with a player focus on a co-dev IP for an exciting upcoming AAA title.

Holly Hawkins

Holly Hawkins - A Game Designer at Wargaming Sydney who has a drive to build diverse and accessible games. Has worked in live production on World of Tanks Console and prototyping on AAA concepts.

Raelene Knowles

Joining IGEA in 2009 after working for various first and third party publishers for video games, Raelene & IGEA provide the foundation for all advocacy and policy that supports and drives sustainable growth for the interactive games.

Sav Emmett Wolfe

Sav Wolfe is the Manager of Operations and Diversity lead for the Interactive Game and Entertainment Association (IGEA). He works across a number of different projects, including managing the operations and community of The Arcade Melbourne.

Paul Miskimmon

Writer, marketer, designer, and lover of both memes and dad jokes, Paul is the Comms Specialist at Wargaming Sydney. Both a lifelong gamer and newcomer to the industry,

Susannah Emery

Susannah is a Lecturer of Game Design and Digital Media, primarily teaching in the Bachelor of Creative Industries program.

What WGJ means
to you?


Being able to bring a community together and share experience is what excites me to work on the Jam. Being able to shine a light on diversity in games and get more people excited and engaged in the industry is what I hope this event will help contribute to.


Games as they are now have the technicality, creativity, and passion of women to thank, and nowhere is this better demonstrated than WGJ.


WGJ event allows us to find as many ways as possible to encourage women and marginalised genders to enter our industry. It's a great way for people to express their creativity & meet other people with similar interests.


I’m interested in the WGJ event because I believe there is such a gender ratio difference within the tech and games industry. Creating communities is a key step forward to allowing marginalised genders to collaborate and lift each other up..


Games should be for everyone, and anyone gatekeeping that, is an idiot. WGJ is a chance to show what an incredible, diverse and creative industry game dev can be and encourage and support those who may be put off, to consider it as a viable career.

Paul Miskimmon

I want to help promote diversity in the games industry and be a part of a wonderful program that provides opportunities for those of us who are traditionally underrepresented in the industry

Susannah Emery



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If you want to contact us just look on social networks, or send an email to: WGJAustralia@gmail.com

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