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Who organizes?

Ana Antar


Ana Antar is co-founder and project manager on Era Game Studio, a company responsible for creating the first Live Live Game. She is a national organizer of Women Game Jam. Theatrical Director formed by UFBA, post graduate in game design by UNEB.

Renata Rapyo


Graduated in marketing, with experience in busines administration, Renata started working in the games industry in 2018. She was a game designer at Tapps Games for two years, works as a game producer in Rogue Snail and is producer at Women Game Jam.

Amanda Duarte

Project Manager at Achimostawinan Games (Canada) who loves volunteering at gaming events. She co-organizes Women Game Jam Brazil and manages @malory_womandev, an Instagram where she shares what it's like to be a woman game developer.

Anny Caroline

Creator AR, Game Tester and QA, is the organizer of Women Game Jam Brazil and Game Jam Plus. Entrepreneur and graduates of digital games by IFRJ, has also worked on VR and innovation projects in the training and cultural production segments.

Bianca Nascimento

Game Designer In love with creating significant, immersive and accessible experiences, Bianca currently works on Fira Soft and loves cute little animals, bright things and getting new hobbies often.

Cael Borges

Graduating and researcher in the UFMA design course. Working on games since 2018 as 2D Generalist artist, Game Designer and QA Tester. Community Director of the AMAGAMES and the Woman Game National Organizer Jam.

Carolina Scoponi

Degree in Audiovisual, fiction narrative lover. Enthusiast of learning by sharing. Graduate student in Democratic City Management, she believes that careers are an invention of the XXI century, and she does not need one.


Trans, autistic and albino girl working with Pixelart in the Indie Games Industry for more than 12 years. Already made comics, is currently stying 3d, illustration and digital painting. She writes, plays with Game Design and have her way as producer. She is art director, Concept Artist and 2D artist at Sunblack Game Studio.

Giovanna Lopes

3D artist trained in Digital Games. Animation fan and also an artisan who loves cats, mouses, dark chocolate and cold.

Isabelly Rohana

Trainee of games, VR and AR applications in the Ocean Center Manaus. I founded Manas Game Dev in Manaus. Producer and programmer at Hollow Harpy. I am very curious, I love dogs, doing networking, listen and share to experiences, know new places.

Jeanine Adler

Producer and Global Organizer at Game Jam Plus, Nacional Organizer at Women Game Jam, and Community Manager at Women Tech Makers São Luis

Luísa Cecília Pinto

Game producer, passionate about playing, developing games and participating in game jams. Undergraduated in Audiovisual Production and graduated in Digital Games Development. I am part of the organizing team of Women Game Jam in Rio Grande do Sul.

Mariana Maciel

Game designer by day, horror writter and pet hoarder by night.

Melina Juraski

Binary Trans Woman, Narrative Designer at Sunblack Game Studio and Game Mind, Professional Narrator and RPG Writer, she is also an alternative comic book author.

Nayara Brito

Formed in digital games, Nayara acts as a producer at WGJ and Puga Studios. In 2018 it was one of those responsible for bringing the event to Brazil.

Pam Silva

WGJ organizer since 2021. Game Dev since 2015, has an artistic background with + 10 years, currently works in industry as a game designer, producer at Odyssey Games, Global Organizer at the GJ + and President of Playnambuco (PE).


Dev Generalist, Northeastern and Trans, worked since 2013 with games, is Pong Ambassador (Potiguar Indie Games) and is currently conceptual and technical artist in the Brazilian MMORPG Profane

Tata Ribeiro

Tata Ribeiro is a visual artist and a research teacher in the area of ​​educational technologies. Formed in Social Communication (ESAMC, 2006), Master in Management and Technologies Applied to Education (UNEB, 2016) and Doctora in Education (UFBA). Tata is also co-founder of AIMọ Tech, Educational Technology Startup that guides diversity, with pedagogical plans that value student autonomy through Maker culture.

What the WGJ represents
to you?


WGJ is a cute, safe and cozy space where you can create games the way you want, letting your creativity flow to the full, without judgment. Plus, you have help, support, and wonderful company from organizers, mentors, and other jammers 100% of the time!


A space of change, welcoming, strengthening and empowerment of the Dev community, especially for women and girls who want to join the area. The Women Game Jam is a real possibility of making the scenario dev more diverse and iwelcoming.


The Women Game Jam is a plural space that favors the exchange, the network and the bridge with people and companies that believe in diversity as a key to a more welcoming game industry for all peoples.

Anny Caroline

WGJ for me is a space of welcome, both for marginalized groups that want to enter the industry, but are afraid as organizers, and organizers that are dedicated to creating an inclusive event and are always willing to help each other.

Bianca Nascimento

The Women Game Jam is a welcoming space that unites and enables women, trans men and non-binaries people to achieve new challenges in the gaming industry.

Cael Borges

All this sharing among women from various places working together in building something makes me very happy! The two pillars that define the experiences I seek for my life are: explore and connect. And I think WGJ is an event that allows and encourages this in Gamedev community.


A beautiful opportunity to flip the table in the game Dev environment in favor of women (cis and trans) bringing more visibility and a safe environment. My first two jams were WGJ and it was my gateway in the world of game jams: 3


A space where I can feel safe to try without fear of making mistakes, without fear of giving my opinion and being myself. WGJ is a cozy event where we can find that super fun group, diverse, full of learning and that warms our heart.

Giovanna Lopes

A space of much exchange of experience, safe and relaxed. Where many connections and alliances begin.

Isabelly Rohana

The Women Game Jam is a project that made me have a real idea of ​​how it is to be in the game industry, I know the impact of this in my life, and I see that impact on other people as well. Being part of it is incredible!


The Women Game Jam is an opportunity to leverage dreams. While we connect with other people with the same goals of making games in an environment full of representativeness and inclusiveness.

Luísa Cecília Pinto

A place where all can learn that they can and deserve to express themselves through any media.


Woman Game Jam was my kick to enter the game industry, where I made my first game along with my girlfriend and leaves a depression. Through WGJ I met wonderful people, friends for a lifetime.

Melina Juraski

WGJ is an event that welcomes all the people involved and always seeks to build a united and safe community for all the women of the Games Industry.


Inclusion, respect, support, safety and reception ... More than just representation and diversity, being part of WGJ is to add up in the strengthening and engagement of the Game Dev community, being a bridge of change and transformation in the lives of many people.

Pam Silva

For me Womem Game Jam was a transformative experience. Since I participated in the 2018 edition I realized that I wanted to be part of the construction and expansion of the event. I want more women around the world to have the possibility of living the experience I lived in the event.


As well as Game Jams in general are important in the insertion of new talents to game development, WGJ exercises essential function by doing the same with the group that least have representation within the industry: women and people lgbtqiap +


I believe that the sharing spaces that are created from the technology has a legitimate impact on the formation of people as a creative and collaborative community, and specifically in spaces for women, safety to exercise all creativity, welcome and collaborate are fundamental in personal and professional



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