Because of the pandemic this year our event will be online.

Who's organizing?

Maia Lomelino


Maia Lomelino is a designer, game tester and student at Cap U in Canada. He worked at NoA, organized GGJ Sampa Inclusiva (LGBTQ+ headquarters) and GGJ North Vancouver. She is a partner of BUS Game Devs the group responsible for GGJ Vancouver and BC game jam.

George Padua

George Padua is the Pack Leader of Raccoopack Studios, co-founder of BUS Game Devs, BC Game Jam, and site organizer of GGJ Vancouver. Now he co-organizes Women Game Jam Canada as a supporter of the empowerment of women* and the LGBTQ+ community.

Jared Tan

Jared is a composer and business-y ally to women in games. You can find his music in the soundtrack of Dark Miasma and his financial analysis content about the game industry on Twitter!

Pinia Chandra

Pinia is an active member of the Vancouver game development community. She was a part of founding the AMS Game Development Club, and organized the first BC Game Jam. She's currently working in the film industry, and also loves singing and puzzles.

Theresa Kikuchi

Theresa is a content creator trying to navigate adult life. She recently graduated from the University of British Columbia as a Cognitive Systems major. Her interests include: art, emerging technology, and psychology.

What does WGJ mean
to you?

To me, game jams have always stood for growth, learning, and strengthening the game dev community. Women Game Jam is an opportunity to support the women* and LGBTQ+ community and provide a platform to empower them in our community.

George Padua

Women Game Jam is important because diversity makes better games! Having a wider array of opinions, backgrounds and world views at the table leads to a product that is more inclusive to all people.

Jared Tan

The Women Game Jam is really close to my heart as it was my first Game Jam back in Brazil. For me, it represents a safe space for women to create and share ideas making our voices heard.


MJW to me is exciting and beautiful. There are so many possibilities and opportunities that come with it, and we are just getting started 🙂


WGJ means having a space to explore new genres of game design and story telling.

Theresa Kikuchi

Do you have any questions?

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