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Margarita Pino


Part of the VG industry since 2018, in various roles more recently as a Producer and Project Manager. Also member of the of the GameDev Planet Team. Table Board game "Tough calls:Dystopia" co author. Streamer, ilustration artist & podcaster.

Chriss Vásquez

Producer, Board Member and COO with more than 11 years of experience in videogames. GGJ organizer for the last 8 years in 2 different cities in Chile. Guest speaker at different events, including Mercado CHEC 2018, APEC 2019, Call For Change Summit 2021

Javiera Sepulveda

Senior QA Lead and Game designer with experience across Chilean and international companies like Testronic, Octeto Studios, Behaviour Interactive, and Sprite Collision.

Testimonials from the organizers


It represents all that i have being working for in the last 10 years, since i have a strong commitment with furthest regions and positioning women on the field (all of this because of my own hard experiences in the videogames industry)


A safe space for women to create, and expand their network with another amazing group of women


WGJ is the chance of bringing more women to the VG industry. The vision of a future with meaningful connections and growing opportunities. The opportunity to help talented women to find a path to make a statement in the world.


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