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Sandra Castro Pinzón


Journalist, Master in Political Communication. Uses her knowledge in advocacy to empower the video game industry through her entrepreneurship Tan Grande y Jugando. Is the ambassador of Women In Games for Colombia and leads Colombia Women in Games

Carmen Moreno

I'm an interaction designer and illustrator, i love videogames industry and want to share and learn from the comunities.

Daniel Sanchez

First instructor certified by Unity in South America and the number one in the world, focused on accessibility in video games and in the teaching of video games as a complementary tool to any area of daily life


I'm Lune, I'm a multimedia engineer, currently i'm working as ux/ui in a software development company, i have 3D knowledge and i would like to learn to ilustrate

Juan Carlos

I'm a music composer, sound designer and programmer based in Bogotá. Colombia. I'm also known as Quiet Gecko and I am Co Founder of Perro Viejo, an independent Game studio. I love to share knowledge and encourage people to do so.

Jose Luis Angulo

Musician, content creator and founder of HelloSound.net; a community created to share everything related to the audio for Films, T.V. and also Game Audio.
My mission in life is to learn all I can and share it with everybody!

Mariana Riveros

I am a colombian Graphic and UX/UI Designer, and a passionate about videogames.

Nataly Riaño

Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts, Associates Degree in Videogame Development, and certifications in Science, Innovation, and Technology. Pursuing two Master's degrees: Business Administration (MBA) and Video Game Design and Development. Multitasker.

Saludastrid Cuevas

I am a Psychologist and Videogame Producer. My main experience is based on serious games and eduteinment in general.

Yelmy Herrera

People call me Yel, I am 24 years old, I am a 2D artist and I also study literature, I like anime and manga, video games, rock and hamburgers.

Testimonials from the organizers


A safe space where I can develop new skills, meet admirable and talented people and improve or start my experience making videogames.


It is a unique experience to bring hidden great talents who find here a different and friendly environment. Spaces like these have allowed us to meet great people, professionals and enthusiasts who have everything to move our industry along the best possible paths.

Daniel Sanchez

it is an environment to share knowledge and meet new people


Is an amazing opportunity to encourage people to break cultural walls created through time, to show how sharing knowledge is the key to the future and that we can créate safe spaces and a safer society for all of us.

Juan Carlos

It's a place to share, grow and have our minds blown with the talent and the stories that are to be shared. The WGJ is a revolutionary act, where women are the front line against inequity!

Jose Luis

This is the opportunity to break the dream gap of a generation and let young women keep dreaming big. One event alone won't change anything, but it gave us the opportunity to start a flame that is worming our hopes, hard work and dreams.


It is an excellent space to learn, have fun, meet incredible people and create a wonderful video game.


It is a safe space and the perfect place to learn, grow, share and dream. It is the way to show that there are no limitations for those who are willing to work as a team and integrate everyone.


I think it is the perfect space so that as women we can grow and advance in the gamer industry, getting to know and supporting each other.

Yelmy Herrera


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