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Sandra Castro Pinzón


Journalist, Master in Political Communication, she uses her knowledge in advocacy to empower the video game industry through her entrepreneurship Tan Grande y Jugando. Is the ambassador of Women In Games for Colombia and leads Colombia Women in Games

Alejo Perez

Alejo Pérez is a Colombian/Venezuelan Game Designer living in Bucaramanga Colombia. Former level designer for Haimrik and Cris Tales in Dreams Unc. developer of the Apollo Vizualizer Kit, game jam lover and professional doggo googler.

Andrés Botero

Game and tool developer from Bogotá, Colombia. Lives in the space between code, math and arts. Currently trying to write it's own graphics engine.

Ana Castro

Digital Arts Engineer with videogames emphasis. She has worked on multimedia design, advertising, editorial design, illustration and programming.
She loves to mix code and art to make magic experiences. She loves AI, and kittens too.

Diego Pinzon

Sound Designer at End Game Interactive, has a band called "Man On The Living Road" loves synthesizers and bread.

Juan Carlos

I'm a music composer, sound designer and programmer based in Bogotá. Colombia. I'm also known as Quiet Gecko and I am Co Founder of Perro Viejo, an independent Game studio. I love to share knowledge and encourage people to do so.

Luis Bazan

I'm a mexican game developer living in Colombia. I love making games that can help people connect with each other. I believe videogames can change the world. I play music and create art to express myself. Always jamming!

Mariana Riveros

I am a colombian graphic designer and an entrepeneur in edugames.

Val Gordillo

I'm a graphic, interactive and video game designer. Am curious about the theory and history of games. Usually I do concept art in jams and UX / UI for digital products. In my free time I do cosplay, write some stories, draw and stream on Twitch.

Yelmy Herrera

People call me Yel, I am 24 years old, I am a 2D artist and I also study literature, I like anime and manga, video games, rock and hamburgers.

Testimonials from the organizers


For me WGJ is an awesome initiative to let women release their creative ideas and raise their voices in a safe environment with lots of their peers. If I can help diversity to the workplace I'm totally in.

Alejo Perez

WGJ is an opportunity to bring the joy of game making to the hands of everyone by providing a safe and blooming environment for sharing and making games, our loved craft.

Andrés Botero

Women Game Jam means for me equal opportunities in this area. Means to motivate women to share this beautiful experience of development and design in games. It also allows to meet woman who provide you knowledge and friendships.

Ana Castro

Democratization of video game development through sharing.

Diego Pinzon

Is an amazing opportunity to encourage people to break cultural walls created through time, to show how sharing knowledge is the key to the future and that we can créate safe spaces and a safer society for all of us.

Juan Carlos

An opportunity to create a more diverse and safe game dev. industry.

Luis Bazan

WGJ represents for me an open door to be part of an empowered community of people who share the same passion and work to improve and strengthen it.

Mariana Riveros

This is the opportunity to break the dream gap of a generation that will change the world for ever, and for good. It was the cry of independence and empowerment that is spreading through Colombia and Latin America, and will let young women keep dreaming big in a world that needs their adventures and tales to be recognize. One event alone won't change anything, but it gave us the opportunity to start a flame that is worming our hopes, hard work and dreams. The community will keep this flame lit.


For me it is an opportunity to meet girls from many countries who want to make video games and connect with for future projects that may be an explosion in the industry.

Val Gordillo

I think it is the perfect space so that as women we can grow and advance in the gamer industry, getting to know and supporting each other.

Yelmy Herrera


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