Women Game Jam is a game development marathon where participantes are challenged to plan and create a digital or analog game, based on a theme that remains secret until the beginning of the event. This kind of event offers the ideal environment to learn, to create portfolio and to strengthen under-represented gamedev communities such as women (cis and trans) and non-binary people.

This year, due to the spread of Covid 19, the Women Game Jam will be hosted online. The theme will be announced on the first day of the event and all groups will have 10 days (from the 21st to the 30th August) to create a game inspired by the theme. The games can be either digital or analog, depending on the team’s preference. At the end of the event, each group will upload their the game to Women Game Jam’s itch.io page , where every jammer will be able to enjoy the games of the other participants.

  • In a presential game jam, participants usually gather at game jam sites along with dozens (or even hundreds) of other participants and remain in that place throughout the event period. To go out for rest, food and hygiene is allowed, but the participant is encouraged to stay most of the time in the game jam site to have moments of interaction with the other groups.
  •  In a online game jam, usually there are some game jam sites where participants gather. Some participants meet with their group at the house of one of the members if possible, or come together through video calls to talk about the development of the game, each one staying in their house. Communication with the group on what times each member will be working in the game, and the organization of tasks among members is essential. This type of jam has a more flexible format, with each group being able to create your own work pace.

The women Game Jam encourages more strongly the participation of people who identify themselves as women (cis or trans) or non-binary people, but other people also can apply.

In the central event only of age participants will be accepted however in Bolivia and Colombia also happens an issue for younger participants.

For sure! Regardless of how much you know, you will be welcome. Our participants have the most diverse backgrounds and you certainly will be able to contribute with something, and besides that, you’ll get a chance to learn a lot.

No. We will reveal the theme at the beginning of the event, and then you can talk with your group about what times you will be available to work in the game. As the 2020 edition has 10 days, good communication with the group on the progress of the project and if anyone has any deterrent is critical, so you can have good collaboration and workflow. Remember that save moments to rest is also important.

The two cases can happen. You can get together with a friend you’ve worked before and create a group to the event, or if you don’t have a group yet there is no problem with that. We will have channels in the official Discord to help the participants to find groups and also people to help with these interactions.

The theme will be announced on the first day of the event, at a time yet to be announced.

Mentorship, Staff and Organization

Each country organizes the mentorships as they consider best. We recommend that you contact us through social networks or email at  womengamejambr@gmail.com

Email us! We want Women Game Jam to have more and more sites all around the world, and we are counting on your help to do it!

Sponsorship and Partnership

We have sponsorship at local and international level. Please contact us at womengamejam@gmail.com. We’d love to talk about how we can help each other to constantly improve the gaming industry.

We have local and international partners. Please contact us at womengamejam@gmail.com because we’d love to talk about how we can help each other to constantly improve the gaming industry.

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We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding WGJ. But if you can’t find what you need, call us on social networks and we’ll respond quickly.

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