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Who organizes?

Diana Rodríguez


Director and Co-Founder of Big Monster Games, for 8 years they have been development video games and multimedia content.
Founder of Women in Gamex, a community that encourages, promotes and makes visible the role of women in video games.

Hugo Legorreta


Business developer and video gamer enthusiast, colab at Big Monster since 2018 and entrepreneur in different projects of tech development for social and support endings specially for NGO's and other industries.

Alejandra Meza

Asistant Manager with 4 years in the video game industry. Currently working on The Dreamerians.
She has participated in talks about development, direction and processes for Women in Gamex, Gamacon and Universities in Mexico, among others.

Luis Castrejon

Co-founder of Big Monster, programmer and video game enthusiast, entrepreneur and founder of Women In Gamex with Diana Rodriguez, professor of video game career in Coco Lab.

Dazia Pineda

Senior Producer at Tagwizz with more than 8 years of experience in the industry.
A vivid advocate on parent education on ratings and content for video games, as well as sharing her knowledge and experience of making games.

Miriam Amaro

Consultant in Design, Communication and Marketing with more than 15 years of experience. Co-founder of PIXELARIUM and part of the educational content committee at Talent Network.

Testimonials from the organizers


For players, video games are another way of entertainment. But for us as developers and creators, is how we express ourselves.

Dazia Pineda

"The games are core to our humanity, you can have fun regardless of what gender, identity, race, culture, or religion you are, games are for everyone.
WGJ is the place where we can conect, share and build those unique spaces that we need for us."


The Women Game Jam is our opportunity to bring justice, equality and diversity to an industry that we love and that has not always been the best. Someone has to make it better and it's better to do this by the side of the talent and power of women, friends, partners.

Hugo Legorreta

Video games should be available to everyone.

Luis Castrejon

By participating within the Games industry it is our duty to create, support and promote safe spaces for all and all. If we ignore problems, daily injustices, we can not have equality in this demanding and rewarding industry.


Playing video games we develop skills that are not learned elsewhere, knowledge and experiences that are meaningful because they excite us.

Miriam Amaro


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