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Sol Sánchez


Bachelor in Computer Science, currently working as indie dev at Somber Pixel. Lead Programmer of the videogame Arrog. Co-founder of FemDevPeru, a non lucrative organization that promotes women’s participation and visibility in the videogame industry.

Anaís Tello Lumbreras

Programmer at Bamtang Games and co-founder of FemDevs Peru. Graduated from Video Game Design. Writer for the love of art (and Terry Pratchett).


Concept artist and Graphic Desinger


Concept Artist, illustrator and teacher at Toulouse Lautrec

Ursula Calmet

Game Developer and member of FemDevs Peru. Also teach in a institute Game Design and Modelling 3D.

Testimonials from the organizers


The WGJ has been an opportunity to connect with other women interested in video game development, make friends and learn more about other female Latin American developers! I find it a very exciting opportunity for learning and growth.

Anaís Tello

Its a wonderful chance to cultivate the importance of videogames among girls of any age.


The opportunity to connect women interested in game development and see how they take their first steps together and bring their own perspective and experiences to their work.


For me, WGJ is about connecting women who share the same passion: developing videogames. Coming from a career where men predominated, there is nothing more beautiful than finding a space where you feel safe and comfortable being yourself without fear of being judged for "being a woman." Many girls don't take that first step into the unknown out of fear and I think the WGJ is a great place to take that first step and find joy in something that could become their profession.


It means a lot to try to involve more girl into developing and creating games.


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If you want to get in touch just look for us on social networks, or send an e-mail to: femdevs.peruul@gmail.com

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